Monday, 7 April 2014

Reportage - Borough Market London

I constantly use sketchbooks to reflect personal thoughts and a way of expression, as a language and a tool to observe reality and to understand it better. For this project, my aim is to bring those drawings to life; I want to create an animation from a reportage converging people and place. I have documented the Borough Market in London progressing throughout the day from early morning. My intention for this unit is to explore a space through visual documentation with a screen based media, which I haven’t investigated into yet. This place, the market, has been explored through observational drawings, which will be developed into a hand drawn animation. 

This Saturday the 6th of April, I took the coach early morning to arrive in London before the Borough market opens, to document the and observe the vendors’ activities before and while people come to visit. I spent about 10 hours on location documenting and recording sounds of the activity moving throughout the day. All the drawings I have made will be the starting point of the hand drawn animation I will produce. 

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