Thursday, 15 May 2014

Borough Market final animation

Here is my final animation for this final unit of this second year as an illustrator student! I am very happy with this achievement, it has been a long and beneficial project for my practice. I have learnt a lot about animation and also computer programs, which in the past I was not familiar and confident with. I have managed my time well to have sufficient time to learn and to test different ways to animate, then I found a suitable way to animate my drawings in the way I was looking for. I have used traditional animation as well as "computer animation" using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects programs. I wish to have another chance to work on an animation in the future, where working collaboratively could be considered.

All the sounds on this animation have been recorded on location at the Borough market by myself. I really wanted this animation to reflect the atmosphere of the market, thus I thought using 100% of the actual sounds would make the animation more authentic. I wish I could have recorded more sounds of the place being very busy at lunch time, then I think it would have given even more the feeling of the place being active.

Here is a link of my vimeo page, where the final animation is in better quality: Philippine on Vimeo

Inkling: Issuu

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